İstanbul based silver jewelry brand Mer’s was founded in 2010, by Meral Tahincioğlu Peltekçi and Aylin Tahincioğlu. The jewelry line was developed with the sole purpose of establishing a renewed vision amongst the jewelry sector. Within a small time frame, Meral and Aylin rapidly expanded Mer’s to a global stature. The brand is carried throughout Turkey, with two flagship stores and many high-end boutiques and luxury department store corners which include Beymen (Zorlu, İstinyePark, Nişantaşı, Akasya Avm), Barners (Ankara), Fenix (Akmerkez & Çeşme), Harvey Nichols (Dubai), Bloomingdale’s (Dubai), as well as upscale malls such as Astoria and Palladium. Internationally, Mer’s has stockists throughout Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, and the United Kingdom.